Individual or group fundraisers play a vital role in improving the lives of vulnerable children and communities in Cambodia. Whatever your fundraising plans the outcome will be the same, you will be making a difference.

No matter where you live your community can get involved raising money for Adore Cambodia. Whether it be a fair, a jumble sale, a sports challenge or a dinner party it’s great to raise money in groups and enjoy it along the way. If you have any ideas and would like support from our Community Fundraiser then just contact us.

Your efforts are inspiring to people all over the world, so do e-mail us with your fundraising story and send us your best photos. We want to give credit where it’s due and inspire others to follow in your footsteps!

We’ve put a few ideas below but we’re always open to suggestions!


Engaging with charity work is a great way for children to learn about helping others and to develop awareness about the world beyond their own life experience. We have had several schools raising money for our work and consequently enriching learning for their students.

Community Events

Whether it’s a traditional bake sale, marathons or football matches, community events are a fantastic way of raising money for charity. If you’re organising something to fundraise for our projects, please contact us for any support you might need.

Local Groups

From Scouts to Youth Theatres, Rotary Clubs to Softball players, we’ve had some incredible groups raising money for us. If you’re part of a group, club or organisation that would like to get involved fundraising for us then just get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

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