Almost 60 million primary school-aged children aren’t in school, according to the United Nations. Some of them, girls especially, have to stay at home to help take care of siblings and collect water; others have to go to work to help support their family; some live too far from the nearest school; others can’t afford to pay for school fees or buy a uniform.

These children are not getting the basic education they need to become empowered adults who can support their families and their communities out of poverty.

When children are educated, they are armed with the courage and self-confidence to better themselves and their families, their communities, and ultimately the next generation. They learn how to prevent illness and improve overall health, build and maintain infrastructure, manage personal and professional relationships, understand and advocate for basic rights, and secure a livelihood. And these tools help pull families and communities out of the cycle of poverty.

The facts are clear: educating children empowers the next generation with the life skills to transform their lives, the lives of their children and their communities.

How We Work

We collaborate with local governments, schools, communities and families to ensure they understand the importance of literacy and how they can play a role in enabling students to achieve their full potential. Parents, schools and community partners create a supportive environment for reading and learning both at home and in school.

By improving access to schools, and providing additional resources like teacher training and supplies, our Room 2 Read Program brings long-term, sustainable education opportunities to communities who need it most.


School Kit – S$25
Help a young learner pursue their dream of education by removing one of the most common barriers to successful education—a lack of school supplies.

Sponsor a Teacher – S$200/month
By supporting a Teacher, you are providing a vital resource which will change the lives of children

Outfit a Classroom – S$1000
Provide furniture and school supplies for an entire classroom, empowering students with a conducive learning environment.


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