• BLESSING BAGS – Sponsor Blessing Bags (S$25 per bag) – Give an impoverished family a bag filled with all the essential items they need.
  • DONATE A WELL – Sponsor Water Pump Wells (S$300 per well) – Provide sustainable, clean and safe water solution to poor families in rural Cambodia
  • HAPPY MEALS – Sponsor Food for Hungry Children (S$130 per meal for 80 kids) – Every child deserves the opportunity to grow up and live a healthy life.
  • ROOM 2 LEARN – Sponsor Kids to Learn (S$25 donates one School Kit) – Educating poor children empowers the next generation with the life skills to transform their lives.
  • RICE 4 LIFE – Sponsor Rice Bags (S$20 per bag) – Help feed countless children and their families who are living in poverty.
  • BABY BASICS – Sponsor Baby Baskets (S$50 per basket) – Help provide poor mothers with all the basic necessities that every child deserves.



For Cash donations or any in-kind contributions (physical items), please email us at